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How to recover outdoor swing?

23 Feb 2024 0 Comments
How to recover outdoor swing?

A wooden swing chair:
1. Clean and Polish: Start by thoroughly cleaning the swing chair to remove dirt and grime. Polish the wood to restore its natural shine.
2. Remove Old Paint: Strip away any existing paint using appropriate tools or chemicals. Ensure a clean surface for the next steps.
3. Repair Scratches and Dents: Address any visible imperfections by filling in scratches and dents. Sand the surface for a smoother finish.
4. Apply New Color: Choose a suitable wood stain or paint color to rejuvenate the swing chair. Apply evenly for a fresh and vibrant look.
5. Wax for a Finishing Touch: Complete the process by applying a protective wax coating. This not only enhances the appearance but also adds a layer of defense against the elements.

An iron swing chair:
1. Clean and Remove Rust: Thoroughly clean the chair to remove rust and debris. Address rusted areas through dissolvers or sanding for a smooth surface.
2. Repair Damage: Inspect and mend any structural issues, ensuring the chair's stability.
3. Apply Protective Coating: Choose a rust-resistant paint or coating and apply evenly for durability.

For maintenance of our Fungyard 3 person swing chair, a simple two-step process is recommended:
1. Wipe Surface Clean: Use a cloth to clean surface stains.
(Our outdoor swing chair with canopy is coated with rust-resistant material, ensuring it remains corrosion-free.)
2. Remove Cushions for Cleaning: Detach seat cushions for easy cleaning.
(We have separate cushions for purchase.)

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